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Literacy for Tablets


Literacy for Tablets

        sTOP supplied each child that participates in the literacy program with a tablet. These tablets give students access to Educational games and programs which they might not otherwise have access to preparing them for state testing. Tablets give kids exciting ways to practice phonics, vocabulary, decoding, reading comprehension and writing. Rewards are built right in and are contingent on mastering the literacy goals prior to proceeding to the next level in the game.  A recent study by Scholastic3 found that while kids are drawn to both print books and eBooks, reading on kids’ tablets, or e-reading, “offer an exciting opportunity to attract and motivate boys and reluctant readers to read more books.”  Using the tablets also allows children to be in charge of the fun. Kids love the independence, and so they love the learning. It feels like an exciting and empowering way to play.