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Food Pantry


Saturday Breakfasts



sTOP believes that family style dinning creates a shared experience that offers the children a sense of belonging and identity.  Family meals is a meaningful vehicle for working on communication and unites the residence. 

More than 18.8 percent of children in Connecticut live in households that struggle against hunger.

Hungry children have trouble concentrating, get more headaches and infections, are more likely to be hospitalized and are less likely to perform well in classrooms. It's simply much harder for children at risk of hunger to thrive.

sTOP is trying to help close the dinner-time gap by offering hungry children an afternoon snack or nutritious meal. Without this meal, many children who rely on school meals would spend the time away from school hungry and arrive back in the classroom focused on their empty stomach instead of schoolwork.


Food Pantry

Together, the volunteers from sTOP, collected over 80 pounds of pasta, 80 pounds of rice and beans and over 500 cans goods for the Valley Street community.  Making sure everyone who wanted food had access to it.  Providing nonperishable items to over 50 families.


Saturday Breakfasts

sTOP provides free meals , in order to increase household food security, helping improve the children's wellbeing.

Children need not just enough calories, but enough nutrients for proper growth and brain development. Food security can affect children’s success in terms of educational outcomes, family life, and overall health.

This program functions in three ways: it gives meals to kids who may otherwise forego them, it frees up household resources for other things, and reduces uncertainty about household food availability. Additionally, the meals provide nutrients and vitamins necessary for proper development.